Secure Storage of Data and Documents

  • Unique sector defined data structure and dedicated database for storing ‘transaction quality’ information
  • Neatly and safely stores all key asset related documents by specific data group association
  • Intuitive document management system
  • Robust and user friendly data update process
  • Compatible with Microsoft and other formats for data import/export and document storage

Reporting and Monitoring

  • Suite of customisable reporting tools
  • Powerful data querying tools
  • Intuitive data manipulation and analysis
  • Instant reporting on treasury and security portfolio and covenants
  • Easy “comparative reporting” on changes to asset portfolio over time

Sharing of Data and Documents

Housing Association Users

  • Provide access with sharing tools
  • Retain primary ownership
  • HA controls definitive ‘live’ data set

Non – Housing Association Users

(Lender, Trustees, Valuers, Solictors)
  • Access shared Housing Association data
  • View and analyse up to date information
  • Export data and documents for further review
  • Alert system to changes to existing shared data

Reconciliation and Audit

  • Storage of and immediate access to your entire data history
  • Full audit trail of any changes to data and documents to meet the needs of all AssetCore users
  • Built in historical reporting to view data at any point in time
  • Access to the latest version of the data for all share recipients