• A collaborative solution to support all asset related transactions and processes
  • A sector defined data structure to promote the standardised capture and share of asset related information and documents
  • Immediate visibility of the legal and financial interest an organisation has in its asset portfolio to ultimately increase liquidity, reduce risk, and generate major cost efficiencies
  • Ability for a Housing Association to share up to date information and documents with stakeholders and service providers using the system

How will AssetCore add value in your organisation ?

Sector Challenges

AssetCore Solution

Standardises the format, content and exchange of data across the housing sector
Problems with Excel-based processes
Greatly reduces potential for errors and improves version control

Provides Housing Associations with a dedicated data handling and transaction tool

Complex data modelling and reporting
Powerful data querying, analysis and reporting tools which are very difficult to replicate in Excel spreadsheets
Inefficient and time consuming reconciliation
Sharing functionality ensures access to the same dataset increasing efficiency and reducing time costs
Performance and compliance requirements
Provides the system and tools to ensure users can provide complete, accurate, and readily available records

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