System Release 2019.12

System Release 2019.12

AssetCore has started 2020 with a great offering for new clients following some significant enhancements to the system over the last 12 months:

  • Our most recent addition gives users the ability to upload entire folders and subfolders of documents at a time, further improving the efficiency of processes such as property security charging.
  • The Comparative net change report allows users to report on property and value movements between two user-defined dates to assist period reporting. Users can quickly analyse the gains or losses when undertaking asset-related transactions. Clients are using it again this month for end of quarter reporting to funders and stakeholders alike.
  • A new reporting UI format with drill-down capability and data sorting features with an extended and more flexible data structure further enhance the User Experience.

In Action – As ever, we would be delighted to provide an update of all of AssetCore’s functionality on some of your own data – all you have to do is send us some property data. (in the format usually exchanged with your valuer or solicitor)

AssetCore is a unique asset and loan security tool developed to streamline asset related processes in the housing sector. It aims to generate major efficiencies for clients both in terms of time saved and cost.

8th January 2020 - News