AssetCore welcomes Accent Housing on board

AssetCore welcomes Accent Housing on board

Accent Housing signs up to a license agreement with AssetCore’s Loan Security and Asset Data system

Accent Group has approximately 20,000 units spread across the North, East Midlands and Surrey. The group has recently consolidated its three RPs and is now looking to use the additional funding capacity this has generated to deliver over 2,300 homes in its new development programme.

One of the keys to unlocking additional funding is the efficient use of our security. As a consequence Accent has decided to use the AssetCore product to provide a strong and robust system to manage and report on its property security portfolio, as well as providing an extensive data structure for the organisation’s asset and loan information. The standardised data structure will enable immediate visibility and timely preparation of assets for charge as well as assisting in the streamlining of other asset related processes such as development, sales or asset management.

Gail Teasdale, Executive Director, Finance and Corporate Services for Accent Group, commented “AssetCore will assist, strengthen and optimise our security monitoring and charging processes, enabling us to move forward with new funding in a structured way. We look forward to working with AssetCore at this exciting point in Accent’s history.”

30th May 2017 - News